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Chockfast Ship Diagram

California’s Exclusive Distributor for ITW Philadelphia Resins’ Marine Products

As the premier supplier of bearings and associated marine equipment to the United States Navy and allied navies around the world, AMB was chosen as California’s sole marine products distributor for ITW Philadelphia Resins. We are proud to offer and support these products, which, like AMB, enjoy an industry-wide reputation for quality, reliability and performance.

Deck Steam Lines, Ballast Lines, Cargo
  Heating Coils, Tank, Pipe and Valve Repairs

Phillybond® 6 paste and Phillyclad® 8 liquid with Fiberglass reinforcement facilitate quick, high strength repairs for temperatures up to 230°C (450°F). They can also withstand pressures in excess of 70 kg/cm2 (1000 psi) at ambient temperatures, in accordance with MIL-17882.

Safer Footing, Better Traction

Heavy duty IMPAX nonskid coatings assure safer footing and better traction for foot and vehicular traffic on all deck surfaces, ramps and helicopter pads. The chemically resistant compound retains nonskid properties under adverse conditions and withstands continuous severe use.

High-Strength, Epoxy Adhesive
Used extensively on surface ships and submarines, Phillybond TA-30 is a multipurpose adhesive for structural applications. It develops a tenacious bond, resists shock loads and immersion in salt water, and provides high initial tack strength. Manufactured per MILA24456.

Machinery Repair
Super Alloy™ Titanium Putty reconditions and protects worn equipment. Machinable with standard metalworking tools. Bonds dissimilar metals without galvanic corrosion. Meets DOD-C-24176.

Rope Socketing
The Socketfast® pourable resin system replaces zinc when attaching standard end fittings to wire rope assemblies. Provides ease of installation onsite without the hazards of molten metal. Develops full break strength with superior fatigue, shock load and fire resistance properties.

Erosion Resistant Resurfacers
Super Ceramic™ Repair Compounds recommended for rebuilding worn pump castings, pipe elbows, heat exchangers and extending surface life of new equipment. Excellent abrasion and erosion resistance. Reduces equipment downtime.

NG/LPG Tank Mounting
Phillymastic®TG-7B is available as a liquid or trowelable / pumpable mastic. it provides excellent load bearing and adhesive properties at ambient and cryogenic temperatures. Approved by major tank and containment designers and regulatory agencies.

Crane Rail Installations
Setting crane rails on steel or concrete foundations is greatly simplified with Chockfast Gray. Shipboard or shoreside advantages include continuous support, and the elimination of foundation machining, steel chock fitting and/or leveling plates and corrosion.

Main Propulsion Systems

CHOCKFAST ORANGE is designed to chock engines and gears without foundation or chock machining, and to prevent corrosion, fretting and engine movement, and reduce weight. Approved by all major manufacturers and regulatory agencies. Passes MIL-S-901C High Impact Shock Test.

Generators and Auxiliary Equipment

CHOCKFAST ORANGE is used by shipbuilders throughout them world to simplify the installation of generators and a wide range of auxiliary equipment, installed above or below decks, by eliminating all foundation machining.

Sterntube and Strut Bearings

By installing oil or water lubricated bearings in Chockfast orange sleeves, hull boring and press fittings are eliminated, and precise alignment is assured. Sterntube bearings can be sealed with Phillybond® Orange flexible Sterntube sealant.

Pintle and Rudder Bearings

Any bearing normally pressed into a housing can be installed quickly and accurately with Chockfast Orange, without boring.

Other Shipboard Applications for CHOCKFAST ORANGE Include:

Pedestal Bearings
Steering Gears
Stern Winches*
Engine-Room Pumps
Cargo Pumps
Cable Penetrations*
Large Ball or Roller Bearings
Bow Thrusters
Anchor Windlasses*
Propeller Shafts

Phillyclad® 1775/620TS, a transparent epoxy/fiberglass coating, provides durable corrosion protection for exposed propeller shafts. Meets Mil spec MiI-R-23461. Classifications Society approved.

Hull and Rudder Fairing
ITW Repair Compound is used on all hull and superstructure surfaces for filling, smoothing and fairing. The product is non-stagging and provides excellent adhesion and a fine finish. Meets DOD-C-24176.

Please Contact Us for More Information

Chockfast Customer Service Manager
Cindy at chockfast@ambco.net

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Toll Free: 800.888.3048
Fax: 714.898.3217

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