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Chockfast Products List


Phillyclad® 5066A

Phillyclad 5066A is a two-component, heavy-duty coating
designed for applications requiring a high degree of resiliency,
combined with excellent adhesion and impact properties. The
compound is resistant to oils, fuels and most chemicals, is
non-toxic and contains no volatiles. Phillyclad 5066A is self-
extinguishing and meets the requirements of ASTM-D-635.

MS-440G High Solids Non-Slip Deck Coatings

MS-440G is a high solids, two-part, general purpose non-slip
deck coating designed to provide maximum wear and impact
resistance. Fire retardant in the cured state, MS-440G resists
fire and jet blast, most acids, alkalis, solvents, grease, oil,
salt water, detergents, alcohol, gasoline, jet fuels, cellulube
and other hydraulic fluids. Because of MS-440G’s tenacious
bond, rust will not creep under the coating if fractured.

Impax® IXT-59

Impax IXT-59 is an aromatic hydrocarbon solvent used for
general epoxy cleanup of tools and equipment used for mixing
and applying epoxy materials. It must be used before the
epoxy has set. Formerly known as PRT-59, IXT-59 is also
used for removing grease, oil and other contaminants from
surfaces prior to applying epoxy materials.

ITW Rust Inhibitive 7CZ Primer

ITW Rust Inhibitive 7CZ Primer is a heavy duty, anti
-corrosive epoxy -polyamide primer that forms a tough
abrasive resistant film that protects the substrates from
salt and chemical attack. Additionally, it is a HAPS-free
primer containing specially formulated zinc complexes that
provide “State of the Art” cathodic protection against
corrosion of steel and aluminum decks. This unique ability
allows ITW Rust Inhibitive 7CZ Primer to meet the extreme
demands of coating systems in marine environments. It
also provides excellent aggressive and corrosive
Phillybond® TA-30

Tile Adhesive - Adhesive and Grout - QPL - MILA-24456.
Phillybond TA-30 is a two-component, high tack strength
epoxy used for general bonding and structural applications.
TA-30 will support 5 lbs. per sq. ft. on overhead or vertical
surfaces while curing.

Phillyclad® 1775/620TS

Phillyclad 1775/620TS is an excellent general purpose,
non-toxic laminating resin system for FRP application
requiring rapid and thorough wet out. Ideal for use as a
thin laminate protective coating over steel or wood, and
fabrication of molded fiberglass structures or components.

Phillyclad® #8

Phillyclad #8 is a two-component fast-setting epoxy
laminating resin system designed for high strength
fiberglass reinforced repairs to pipes, tanks, valves,
and other equipment subject to corrosion or erosion.
Phillyclad #8 is also used to repair leaks in cargo heating
coils, turbine drains, deck steam lines and other similar
areas at operating temperatures to 220°C (428°F).

Phillybond® Orange - Flexible Sterntube Sealant

Phillybond Orange is a two-component, epoxy paste,
developed for sealing exposed edges of Chockfast in
sterntube applications. It is resistant to seawater and
lubricating oils, and has good adhesive strength and
flexibility over a wide temperature range. Because of its
paste-like consistency, it can be applied in thick, vertical
applications without sagging, yet is easy to trowel and
provides a smooth-finish surface.

Phillybond® #6

Phillybond #6 is a two-component, high strength epoxy
paste for the repair of punctures or cracks in tanks, pumps,
pipes, steam lines, sea chests, valve bodies, etc. The
material is also used to fill holes and voids, and to provide
a smooth surface for repairs [at temperatures up to 428°F
(220°C)], Phillybond #6 is resistant to most acids, alkalis
and hydrocarbons, and will adhere to clean surfaces, such
as steel, cast iron, bronze, aluminum, copper, nickel, wood
and most plastics.

With a reputation for reliability, these proven products are used for all types of vessels,
offshore platforms and other marine

Pourable Chocking Compounds
Chockfast Orange®

Conveniently pourable, two-component,"
structural epoxy “chock” that replaces
tediously fitted steel shims (or steel chocks),
assuring intimate contact with machined or
un-machined equipment bedplates. Virtually
100% effective bearing underneath
supported equipment.

Chockfast Gray®

Highly flowable, two-component, thin pour
“chock” designed to maintain proper
alignment and support of machinery and
equipment; able to withstand severe
industrial environments with high degree
of both physical and thermal shock

Chockfast Red SG®

Chockfast Red SG is a three-component,
high strength, 100% solids epoxy grouting
compound used to grout large machinery
and to support soleplates in all types of
foundation designs with clearance as little
as 25mm (1”). Chockfast Red SG has
extremely high physical properties and
negligible shrinkage, making it ideal for
final positioning of critically aligned
equipment within close tolerances.

Accessory Products:

Release Agent
Non-Melt Grease
Strip Caulk
Glass Tape
Damming Material
Core Rollers
Jiffy Mixer Blades

Repair Products
Super Ceramic Repair Liquid

Super Ceramic Repair Liquid is a unique
ceramic filled, high build, brushable
epoxy coating. Formulated for unequaled
chemical and corrosion resistance, it offers
outstanding wear properties in adverse
environments. Super Ceramic Repair Liquid
is ideally suited for lining and resurfacing
all types of severe service equipment
commonly found in chemical plants, power
plants, pulp& paper mills, mining operations,
water treatment plants and a variety of
other industrial and marine applications.

Super Alloy Titanium Repair Compound

The latest in high technology, high bond
strength repair systems. Use to join such
dissimilar metals as iron, steel, aluminum,
tungsten carbide, brass, zinc, and zinc
alloys– without the problems of galvanic
corrosion. Adheres tenaciously to properly
prepared surfaces. Hardens to a rigid
metallic mass that permits drilling, tapping,
or machining with ordinary, metalworking
tools. Maintains an integral bond, a high
level of resistance to impact, abrasion,
chemicals and high temperature.

ITW Repair Compound

A two-component, 100% solids, epoxy
paste developed specifically for filling,
smoothing and fairing applications on
metals, plastics (FRP), wood or masonry.
Smooth consistency and excellent non-
sagging properties. Excellent resistance
to fresh water, salt water, crude and
refined oils, gasoline, jet fuel. Provides
a tough, uniform surface that will readily
accept any top coating or lining. The
cured epoxy is readily sanded or ground.
The excellent feathering properties
facilitate achieving a precision surface
profile or smoothness. Contains no
metallic fillers.

Polyspec Thiokol Products
Thiokol 5050 - Primer
Thiokol 2378 (Black)-Non-skid Flexible Coating
Thiokol 2378 (Gray)-Non-skid Flexible Coating
Thiokol 2282 – Flexible Joint Sealant

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