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A Multi-Physics Approach to Reliable
Product Design

AMB’s team is comprised of highly skilled engineers
and equipment designers whose experience spans a
wide range of specialties, including structures, fluids,
mechanics and dynamics. We employ sophisticated
methodology, tools and processes to create design
and drawing packages that meet demanding
specifications and perform reliably in extreme or
remote environments.

How Quality Comes Full Circle

AMB Engineering follows a collaborative “360 - degree”
approach that integrates customer feedback into every
project phase. This blending of insight and expertise
ultimately results in products that satisfy customers’
expectations, including their budget and performance

AMB’s engineering services include:

Mechanical Design

Using the latest 3D CAD software, AMB engineers model
conceptual and detailed designs and generate drawings.
All manufacturing drawings are ASME Y14.5M-1994 compliant.

Material Selection

The Engineering Group employs a comprehensive, systematic process to define and select a project’s most appropriate and cost-effective material, including a detailed examination of mechanical, thermal and environmental properties.


AMB performs Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using ABAQUS software to verify design integrity throughout the production process, including static, quasi-static, nonlinear explicit dynamics, thermal and contact analysis.


To facilitate development of complex, exotic or highly specialized products, AMB Engineers develop custom analysis tools in-house , using special programming languages such as Python and C++.
AMB’s 3D Model and 2D Drawing Package Helps the U.S. Navy Avoid Prototyping Costs

Engineering drawings that are precise, accurate and easy to follow facilitate a smoother, more efficient transition from design to production. That’s why AMB teams invest considerable time and effort in creating the most elegant and concise packages possible. Here is a reverse- engineering project for the U.S. Navy that demonstrates this vital capability.

The Boomin’ Beaver Tug

To extend the life of an aging but still serviceable harbor vessel, the Navy chose AMB to analyze and improve the boat’s ergonomic factors and hydraulic routing. The Navy also wanted to plan future hull modifications, repairs, and upgrades (component level) to electrical, mechanical and wiring subsystems. Because no drawings of the tug existed, the Navy called AMB.

Technical issues and unexpected challenges with complex military and civilian machinery and equipment can occur anywhere at any time, with equipment that's in service or being field tested being especially susceptible. Since rapid resolution is essential, to minimize downtime and disruptions when challenges arise, AMB has created a flexible organizational structure in which our teams work closely with customers to get equipment up and back online quickly. We support all AMB-manufactured products, and when needed, consult on the repair and replacement of those from other companies..

Remote Support

AMB Engineers and technicians can be dispatched to locations around the world to test, evaluate, assess and correct equipment failures.

Onsite Support

In addition to providing remote support, AMB’s onsite engineers and technicians can work directly with customers’ home-office teams to promptly implement the most appropriate and timely solution to virtually any technical issue.

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