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AMB (American Metal Bearing Company) has been
the preeminent supplier of propulsion bearings to
the Navies of the world since the Second World
War. The list of US Navy ships equipped with
bearings engineered and manufactured by AMB
reads like the history of the US Navy fleet.

Today AMB supplies bearings for many US Navy
ships and those of our Allied friends around the
world. Bearings that AMB designs and manufactures
include: oil lubricated shaft bearings, water
lubricated shaft bearings, main thrust bearings,
rudder bearings and associated sealing systems.

We are proud to have our bearing systems on a
significant number of ballistic & attack submarines
and surface fleet ships around the world.
AMB does
not stop at the initial engineering design, test, and
manufacturing process.
We can also dispatch
experienced OEM Engineers and tech representatives
to the field if necessary to help our customers solve
systems problems on-site.
Having many years of marine
and industrial experience, we can help our customers
resolve many problems they may encounter with ship
propulsion systems.

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- 7191 Acacia Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92841

Local: 714.892.5527 Toll-Free: 800.888.3048 Fax: 714.898.3217

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