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Current News and Events

Summer 2015

Addition of Okuma Space Turn LB3000 EXII

Once again AMB is proud to announce the purchase and installation of a
new CNC, Okuma Space turn Lathe. This new machine, the LB3000 EXII (MYW),
built to AMB specifications, allows for wide versatility in both material and
geometry machining. It is an integral part of our factory wide expansion plan
and upgrade efforts.

This new, Multi-axis precision Turning center features live tooling, indexing
and all options. It has an operating envelope of: Swing-580mm(22.83in.)
and Center to Center distance-785mm(30.91in) and allows multiple machine
operations in one set-up due to its live tooling.

Summer 2015 Continued..

Addition of Okuma special-built MCR-BIII30E double column Mill & Machining

AMB is proud to announce the purchase of a New OKUMA specialty built
MCR-BIII30E bridge Mill. This new machine built to AMB specifications to allow
for wide versatility will be part of the Factory wide expansion and upgrade
currently going on.

This new, 5-axis milling machine has an operating envelope of:
X-6500mm(255.91in.), Y-3700mm(145.67in.), Z-1800mm(70.866) and allows
full contour machining and measurement. We ordered her “fully loaded” to
machine everything from composites to the latest in high strength and exotic

Spring 2015

At AMB we are well known for our designs and services to the
Marine industry throughout the world, and to better accommodate the production of
the latest engineering designs and machining needs, we are expanding and improving
our facilities in all areas! Our first facility expansion will include a new building addition
to accommodate a full, 5-axis, contour machining and measurement center for large
metal and composite parts. We initiated these expansion efforts because we are
committed to being the best at what we do addressing the growing needs of our
market and customers. Our customers deserve the best products available and we are
here to meet their needs regarding large, high-tolerance, precision specialty parts and
fabrications. These factory-wide upgrades throughout our operations will total over $5
million dollars will completed. The current new construction effort will expand AMB’s
abilities allowing for many different types of parts to be machined and constructed for
both our Marine and Aerospace customers. Furthermore, this expansion will include many
facets such as new machinery, additional manufacturing capabilities, increased floor
area and a new 40-ton crane to go along with the current building expansion and
modernization effort.

Spring 2014

Here at AMB we've been very busy since the beginning of the year and have some
exciting new projects on the horizon as a result. We've recently ordered some great
new machines that will allow us to further increase our manufacturing capacity as
well as enhance our abilities to maintain many of ours, and our competitors products
as well.

Winter 2014

This year is off to a great start with new opportunities and improvements in both
design and manufacturing coming to AMB. We're looking forward to our new products
and service offerings, and hope to build even more partnerships and affiliations that
will be both beneficial and profitable for all of us. We want wish you and yours all
the best in the coming year. From all of us here at AMB, Happy New Year!

Fall 2013

We are proud to announce the launch of our new web site. It's been a long but
fruitful process to provide every aspect and detail of the services and products we
offer, but we believe we have succeeded in all areas. Please take some time and look
around, then please send us a note and let us know what you think. Your opinions
and comments are not only greatly welcomed, but appreciated as well! Thank you
for stopping by, we'll look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Summer 2013

It's long over due but we are now retiring our old and outdated web site. After
the review of a few web site options, we've decided on Accusites.com to design
our new web site. Our old site served us well back in the day, but in today's
marketplace a visually stunning and concise web presence is not only necessary,
but it's prudent. To this end we look forward to launching our new site in the fall
of this year. Check back often, great things are afoot here at AMB. This is only
the beginning.

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